Peter White 18 September 2021 - 8 October 2021

Peter White’s paintings are both stunning and unforgettable.  His large works stop you in your tracks and command the room in which they hang.  The mix of oil, wax and acrylic gives a unique, almost spiritual, quality to his paintings.  But Peter does not always work on a grand scale. Some of his paintings are as small as 10 x 9 cm.  These are gems ... exquisite and precious. 

Brian Sinfield said of Peter’s work, “Peter White’s extraordinary paintings force you to look at objects in an entirely different way. The very size of some of his paintings empowers them with a life of their own. 

These are immensely powerful, challenging paintings from an artist with a unique vision.”

Of course the person best qualified to describe the process is the artist himself.

“The work begins – a board, some paint, some chalk, a brush, a knife - making cracks and fissures, giving tooth, giving ruggedness to layer on layer.  Some kind of colour of the land perhaps - dripped wax, brushed and blow-torched molten wax, cooled and hardened blade scraped flat wax - translucent, underneath reveals itself. The painting resting on the floor, puddles dried to sediment - hanging on the wall, the washes, runs and rivulets catch and hold in cracks and crevices. And whose process is this anyway, this moving matter with the hope some light, some simple form, some simple object will emerge that I can recognise and call my own?”

Peter White was born in Ayrshire and studied at Edinburgh College of Art. He moved to Ullapool in north west Scotland in 1994 and lives there still. He has received numerous awards, including the Royal Scottish Academy Latimer prize, the Oppenheim Prize and the RGI Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow award. In 2008 he was artist in residence with Care International in Amman, Jordan. 

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